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The Story of


LOW recycled wood-workshop grew organically from a deep passion for design and creating furniture for myself and friends


Being a self taught woodworker and unable to afford attractive hardwoods, I consistently practiced on woods I found in the street. It's here I discovered the beauty within our wood waste, with its many characteristics and hues.

I became dedicated to learning and working exclusively with recycled material bringing new life to our discarded wood.

  I want to highlight the best of the woods I collect, discarding any defects or scars from their previous life. 


LOW leads the way in modern furniture design and now sits at the forefront for original, sustainable, recycled furniture.

All items are lovingly designed & handcrafted by myself Kris Mutter from my workshop in Renfrew, Scotland

I aim to design and make consciously guilt-free products that will sit proudly in their space, a piece steeped in past stories, an honest solid piece of wood that has travelled to every corner of the globe and now resides proudly and beautifully in your home.

I want my work to exude love and command ownership of its space and use.

I can't wait to create a one off piece for you.

One Love x


as seen in...

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