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I could lay out all the facts and figures around our current wood waste and world deforestation but you already know enough right, and you all do your best. Wood waste in Glasgow streets alone is plentiful, most of which ends up shredded for its dust, or lost to landfill. LOW recycled wants to change awareness to the beauty , the resource and life our planets trees give us.

I consistently use over 15-20 different species of tree in my projects,  all the material

found discarded no longer deemed useful. I want to change that narrative. 


Below are the ways in which you can do that little bit more with minimum effort.  Help your local craftsman showcase what our worlds wood waste can look while minimizing our own city's overall waste all while inspiring the next generation of craft \ makers to think out the box and see what is possible.


Donate Material

Do you have solid wood furniture, broken , no longer loved or just needing shifted? 

Low recycled can collect any suitable solid wood from you (Glasgow/Paisley area)

Simply email me bellow with a description and a photo.

(low recycled principle to never buy wood)

Skip Spotting 

Walked passed a good pile of wood, perhaps a skip full of building waste in your neighborhood or an abandoned wooden bed frame clogging up your bins? Perhaps we can scratch each others back. Drop me the location and photo and if & when i can, i will take a look and uplift.


Simply drop me a message on Instagram or an email bellow.  


contact me

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